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Watch our ABC7 Cooking Segment…..February is a fantastic food month!!!!


Breaded and Fried Eggplant Rings topped Pistachio Encrusted Goat Cheese and Drizzled with Honey

February is a fantastic month for Eggplant…..Cooler weather can give eggplants boost they need


1 Large Eggplant, Peeled and Sliced into rings

2 Cups of Seasoned Bread Crumbs

2 Eggs, Beaten

1 8 Oz. Loaf of Goat Cheese, Chilled Well

4 Oz. Pistachio Nuts, Crushed

2 Oz. Montenegrin Honey or similar

4 Oz. Flat Leaf Italian Parsley, Chopped

3 Cups of Extra Virgin Organic Olive Oil and Blend with Canola Oil, Use and 80% Olive Oil and 20% Canola Oil Blend Ratio (this is because olive oil has a low smoke point, blending canola allows you to increase the smoke point for proper sautéing and frying)

Non Stick Parchment Paper or Wax Coated Paper


Place at least 2” of Blended Oil in a Medium size sauté pan and heat on high

Take a slice of Eggplant and use a cookie cutter or a similar tool to cut a 2” hole in the center of the Eggplant

Dip your Eggplant into Eggs and then into Breadcrumbs and set aside

Lay down your Parchment Paper and place your chopped Pistachios out on paper

Roll your Goat Cheese Loaf in your Pistachios coating loaf and pack tight in your Parchment Paper


Begin frying your Eggplant until golden brown

Place on some absorbent paper towels to drain excess oil

Remove your Goat Cheese log and cut into 2” rings so the fit into the hole in Eggplant

Plate Eggplant Slice and place Goat Cheese ring into cutout

Drizzle Honey and Garnish with Italian Flat Leaf Parsley


Tagliatelle with Lamb and Cabbage Ragu February is also fantastic month for Cabbage … can influence what we eat because of the impact it has on growing ingredients….Cabbage is a perfect example of vegetables that flourish in cooler temperatures, and what better protein than Lamb to complete a wonderful winter pasta meal! Ingredients: 1 lb. Ground Lamb 1 Medium Head of Cabbage, Sliced into Strips 8 Oz. Fresh Tagliatelle 1 Large Carrot, Peeled and Diced 1 Large Celery Stalk, Diced 1/2 Medium Sweet Onion, Diced 6 Cloves Garlic, Chopped 2 Oz. Tomato Paste 1 Large Rosemary Stalk, Whole 2 Oz. Dry White Wine Fresh Grated Parmigiano Cheese Italian Flat Leaf Parsley, Chopped Himalayan Salt and Fresh Ground Pepper Extra Virgin Olive Oil First Cold Press Olive Oil Method: Bring 2 Quarts of water to a boil Coat the bottom of a medium sauté pan with Olive Oil and place on high heat Add the Cabbage to the pan and Salt and Pepper to taste Continue cooking until browned, approximately 5 minutes, remove from pan and set aside Add the ground lamb and continue to brown, approximately 5 minutes Set aside but keep the renderings in the sauté pan Add Carrot, Celery, and rosemary and sauté until Carrots are softened Add Onions and Garlic and continue to cook Deglaze Sauté Pan with your White Wine Add in the tomato paste and combine all ingredients together well Reintroduce the Lamb and Cabbage to the dish Continue to cook Sauce and reduce for 5 Minutes Drop your Fresh Tagliatelle and cook for 90 seconds Drain your Pasta well and combine with your Sauce Plate and IMMEDIATELY grate fresh Parmigiano


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