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“The Top Tomato” August is a Great Month for Tomatoes….Watch Our ABC7 Cooking Segment

Appetizer Serves 4 Tomato, Figs, Goat Cheese and Cerignola Olives Topping Ingredients: 2 Medium Sized Tomatoes, Chopped 1 Cup Cerignola Olives, Crushed and Pitted 8 Figs, Quartered 4 Oz. Goat Cheese Crumbles 4 Springs Fresh Mint, Chopped 4 Oz. First Cold Press Extra Virgin Olive Oil 4 Oz. Fresh Italian Flat Leaf Parsley Crusty Bread, Sliced Himalayan Pink Salt Ground Black Pepper Method: Slice your Bread, Set Aside Place your Tomato, Olives, Figs and Mint in a Bowl Season with Salt and Pepper to Taste Drizzle Olive Oil onto your Ingredients Toss and Place Ingredients on your Bread Place Crumbles Atop your Tomato Mixture Drizzle Oil Atop and Farbish with Fresh Chopped Parsley


Serves 2

Cherry Tomatoes, Fresh Basil and Fresh Mozzarella tossed with Fresh Pappardelle


1 Pint Cherry Tomatoes, Sliced in Half

4 Oz. Fresh Basil, Chiffonade Thinly Chopped

8 Small Bocconcini Mozzarella Balls, Quartered

4 Oz. First Cold Press Extra Virgin Olive Oil 4 Oz. Fresh Italian Flat Leaf Parsley, Chopped Himalayan Pink Salt Ground Black Pepper

8 Oz. Fresh Pappardelle Pasta


Bring 4 Quarts of Water to a Boil

Place Tomatoes, Bocconcini and Basil in a Large Bowl

Salt and Pepper to taste

Add your Olive Oil and Mix Well

Cook your Pasta and Strain, add a very small amount of Starchy Pasta Water to your Ingredients

Combine Hot Pasta with your Ingredients and Toss well

Heat from the Pasta will warm Cheese and other Ingredients

Plate and Garnish with Chopped Parsley


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