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Our Night Out at the Brunos of Brooklyn Cooking Class Event

Call 239-278-0211 or Email for information on our next event.


Veal and Eggplant Involtini

Sliced and pounded thin veal cutlet, stuffed with sliced eggplant, scallion and ricotta cheese. Rolled in herb infused bread crumbs and pan fried to a golden brown perfection. Makes 2 Servings

2 4 oz. Veal Scaloppini pounded thin

6 Slices of Eggplant sliced long

2 Large Scallion sliced down the middle long

2 Medium Plum Tomatoes diced

1/2 cup SopraFina Ricotta

1/2 cup Del Pastaio Ricotta

2 oz. Grated Parmigiano

1 oz. Chopped Parsley

Course Ground Black Pepper

Pink Himalayan Salt

Bread Crumbs

Fresh Chopped Garlic

Dried Oregano

First Cold Press Organic Olive Oil

White Wine

Entree Rigatoni with Sautéed Leeks, Pancetta and Lentils

2 oz. Sliced Leeks

1 cup Dried Lentils

2 oz. Chopped Pancetta

1 tspn Chopped Rosemary

2 oz. White Wine

1 tspn. Tomato Paste

Salt to Taste

Pepper to Taste

2 oz. Vegetable Stock

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Dessert Pistachio and Chocolate Covered Rocher

Chopped vanilla sugar wafers mixed with chopped pistachio nuts, rolled in dark chocolate and more chopped pistachios served chilled

16 oz. Lady Fingers / Savoiardi Cookies

4 oz. Pistachio Paste

6 oz. Chopped Pistachios

2 oz. Whole Shelled Pistachios

6 oz. Dark Chocolate for Melting

2 oz. Heavy Cream


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