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“The Perfect Peach” August is the perfect month for peaches. Watch our ABC7 Cooking Segment.

Aperol Spritz Cocktail Ingredients: 4 Oz. Aperol 8 Oz. Chilled Prosecco 4 Slices Fresh Rip and Juicy Peaches (Peaches compliment this Italian liqueur made from infusing Orange peel and subtle blend of bitter and sweet herbs and spices) Ice Method: Fill two wine glasses with Ice Pour 2 Oz. Aperol Liqueur in each Wine glass Pour 4 Oz. Prosecco In each Wine glass Garnish with Fresh Peaches


Peach Caprese Serves 2


4 Large Peaches Sliced

2 Fresh Mozzarella Balls Sliced

2 Oz. Large Basil Leaves Chiffonade Thinly Chopped

Himalayan Pink Salt

Ground Black Pepper

House-made Balsamic Glaze


Cut into your peaches splitting them down the middle

Separate the two halves and remove pitt

Slice peaches starting from large side in. Put ends to side for use later

Slice Mozzarella in the thickness as peaches

Chiffonade Basil

Place Peaches and Mozzarella on a serving board alternating eat other

Top arrangement with Basil

Season with Salt and Pepper

Drizzle with Balsamic Glaze

Ingredients For House-made Balsamic Glaze: House-made Balsamic Glaze 32 Fluid Oz. Balsamic Vinegar (preferably 20 yr aged from Modena Italy) 4 Oz. Dark Brown Sugar 1/2 Green Apple Method: Bring Balsamic Vinegar to a boil, cut back heat and let simmer and thicken Add Brown Sugar and Apple Let reduce until sides of sauce pan can be coated with reduction


Pan Seared Butterflied Branzino topped with fresh Peach Chutney Serves 2

Peach Chutney


2 Large Peaches Peeled, Pitted and Diced

1 Oz. Brown Sugar

1 Red,1 Yellow and 1 Orange Bell Peppers Diced

1 Large Yellow Onions Diced

2 Oz. Garlic Chopped

Salt to Taste

Pepper to Taste

Pinch of Red Pepper Flakes

Champagne Vinegar (Vinegar Derived From Champagne)

2 Oz. Extra Virgin First Cold Press Olive Oil or Similar


Coat the bottom of a sauté pan with your olive oil and bring to a high heat

Add Peppers, onions, Garlic and sauté until Onions are Translucent

Add Peaches, Brown Sugar, Salt, Pepper and Red Pepper Flakes

Sauté for 3 Minutes

Add Brown Sugar and Sauté until Brown Sugar breaks down and starts to form a sauce

Set aside



8 Oz. Branzino

2 Oz. Unsalted Butter

4 Oz. Extra Virgin First Cold Press Olive Oil or Similar



3 Springs of Fresh Thyme

2 Oz. Fresh Italian Flat Leaf Parsley Chopped

6 Oz. Fresh Arugula


Place a non stick Sauté Pan on High Heat

Coat the bottom with olive oil

Pat Dry your Bronzino with a paper towel

Place skin side UP in pan, season with salt and pepper and cook for 3 minutes

Carefully flip your fish, season again and cook for 3 minutes

Add Butter and Thyme to pan, begin spooning butter on top of fish

Place Arugula on your dish acting as a bed, place your fish atop the Arugula, spoon a generous amount of Chutney atop your fish

Garnish Plate with Chopped Parsley

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