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Fresh and Easy Costa Rican Red Snapper Ceviche....fuggetaboutit!!!


INGREDIENTS: 1 pound Red Snapper Filet Diced 3/4 cup Fresh Lime Juice 1/2 cup Diced Mango 1 tablespoon Minced Cilantro 1/2 cup Diced Red Onion 1 cup Diced Green Bell Pepper 1/2 cup Diced Red Bell Pepper 1 tablespoon Olive Oil Pinch of Salt Pinch of Black Pepper Microgreens to taste INSTRUCTIONS: -In a large bowl mix red snapper with fresh lime juice, red onions, passion fruit and salt and pepper. Mix well. -Shortly after mix the rest of the ingredients and let it sit overnight....if you can stand it ;) Background Info on Costa Rican Red Snapper (Pargo Rojo) Description: The back and upper sides are scarlet to brick red, and the lower sides and belly are lighter. Small red snapper, up to 10 inches, have a dark spot on the upper sides just below the soft dorsal fin. Adult red snapper are easily distinguished from other red-colored snappers. Where found: Snapper can be found Nearshore and offshore, typically congregated around rocky bottom structure and reefs. Feeding Habits: Snapper commonly eat small fish, squid, crustaceans and chunked baits.. They are verocious feeders and are caught with a wide variety of baits. Peak Season: Caught there year round, July through December offer the strongest Snapper bites. There are multiple species of Snapper there

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