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- Our Story -

"It was a dream of my father to establish an eatery. He came very close, but unfortunately his restaurant did not prevail due to a fire.  Now that dream is ours. "


I spent just about every summer as a child and young adult in Sicily, where food was not a form of sustenance… it was a passion. Where deciding what was to be prepared for meals took several hours and most of the day was spent procuring ingredients for those meals. Bruno's of Brooklyn intends to carry forward that tradition for all to enjoy.


It took over three years of planning before our family relocated from Brooklyn to Fort Myers, and over a year to find the right space for Bruno’s of Brooklyn.

People have asked me as owner and chef where I was trained to cook or what culinary institute I attended.  I often respond, "my culinary education was held every Sunday in the family kitchen with three generations of Bruno's passing on their expertise to me.”


The ricette (Italian for recipes) are over a century old and the only thing that's changed in all those years is the kitchens they're prepared in - not the ingredients or methods used. Together my wife Genevieve and I have held numerous positions working in restaurants from dishwasher to host and are proud to bring our experience to Bruno’s of Brooklyn.


Even more exciting for us is sharing the Sicilian culture. Many may not have tasted delicacies such as sfingi otherwise known as Italian zepelli, which are Sicilian puff pastries or panella di ceci otherwise known pane e panella, which are Sicilian fritters popular on the streets of Palermo.


No matter where you are from, our eatery is one to frequent time and time again. Our food is prepared fresh daily, and we will offer moderately-priced regular and special menu items. The easy and quick process will appeal to busy professionals, retirees and families alike with dining, take out and catering available. Whether you want to grab an on-the-go  lunch, pick up or join us for dinner, or cater an event, Bruno’s of Brooklyn is your place.


Bruno’s of Brooklyn, a taste of Brooklyn, New York, Sicily and yes Italy; a place to enjoy authentic food, those around us and the paradise we live in.


For more information or reservations call (239) 278-0211 or email


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Calcedonio Bruno

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